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Is VR The Future Of Education?

At The AIM Group we understand that education is important, especially for young adults, as this can shape their learning and development and really influence what type of person they will be as they get older.


However today, we are lucky that we have more opportunities and better access to technology that was out of reach 10 years ago. 

VR (Virtual Reality) is one of many types of technology that is in reach of everyone, and it can transform the way educational services deliver their content.

So how are students taught today? 

Books were and still are a powerful tool that aids students to retain information and facts about various subjects, today, these same literature are being transformed into online books or ebooks, and most information is easily accessible through online search engines.

However, while facts and information is more easily accessible for the majority of students the current educational approach relies on an old method of teaching facts, but simply consuming information is not the same as learning and there are students who struggle with absorbing information and key facts and so they are seen as distracted, disengaged and as a result don’t do as well in school as some of their peers.

Why is VR the next step for education?

What could be a good approach for schools, colleges and even FE institutions is to utilise VR inside the classrooms to improve the quality of student learning and as a result increase engagement. 

VR works through a user puts on a headset over their eyes and a student or person is taken into a virtual world with unlimited possibilities but for educational purposes this allows the student to interact and see what they are learning and could help a student in being able to retain information further.

What aspects of education can use VR?

VR can be used in the classroom in many ways; from visiting a country a student is learning about through virtual field trips, to seeing a car engine being put back together, to seeing air flows on a plane, to learning about the anatomy on a virtual body.

Virtual Reality could be the next step for education, and it potentially could change how schools deliver their content, however, the barriers are that VR sits at a high price and if this was something that was rolled out nationwide then the hardware and designs need to be more accessible.


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