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Bullying In Schools – Is There Anything We Can Do?

Many people know what it is like to be bullied, 45% of young people experience bullying before the age of 18.

Bullying is when someone seeks to harm, intimidate or coerce someone else, through emotional, physical, mental or verbal abuse.

However, even though there are many intervention schemes and training in place, bullying still continues to plague our schools in the UK- With some cases leading to, and associated with, anxiety, depression and suicide.

Schools in the UK are by law instructed to tackle bullying with behavioural policies in place for educational systems to follow. Unfortunately, understaffed or overstretched staff may not have the right training to go about dealing with the problems, especially if the violence towards another individual is physical.

As a community, we need to increase our understanding of bullying and try to look beyond the labels we put on the victims and even the ‘bullies’ and consider teaching children and students the effects of bullying and the different aspects of it from negative name calling to physical violence.

As part of this change, we should consider how children and students feel that bullying should be dealt with as this empowers them to make the change themselves rather than presenting the issue in assemblies or having a classroom talk.

The role of teachers, parents and caregivers is to promote good behaviour so that when a student grows up; they are constructive and positive to society. Because of this it’s essential that teachers are seen as taking an active stand towards bullying and being effective – in not only promoting anti-bullying but also the potential repercussions that could arise from bullying.

Schools in England are the “worst for cyber bullying” – according to a global education report, as a result of this schools in the UK are being urged to put more resources into this issue and to make this a top priority. 

At The AIM Group, we believe that early intervention and prevention is the key; if teachers, parents and caregivers are provided with the knowledge to recognise those who are the victims and those who bully, and have the right skillset to intervene in the right way, and to actually follow up afterwards.

If you are interested in vocational courses to do with the prevention of bullying and the safety of young people, then the corporate side of The AIM Group actually offer these courses alongside trusted training providers. or 01245 392075


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